View: back side of a pair of jeans w/ two rear pockets

Cut on red lines (approximation, not to scale), leaving you with two equal pieces, which form the front and back of the circular needle holder

You can use any sturdy fabric like duck cloth or canvas but there are cheap jeans at the Goodwill if you don't have a spare pair. Or ask friends and family if anyone has an adult pair of jeans they don't want. Measure the length from the bottom of the back pocket to the end of the leg, to be sure there's enough room for all the slots you have planned. I just realized it's a good thing these jeans belonged to my mom, she's taller than me.

The built-in jeans pocket is a handy feature, it's a convenient spot for a needle sizer and dpns. There's another pocket on the reverse side for extra storage.

First I cut two pieces from the backs of the legs. The cut edges were folded over and stitched down, then the two pieces were sewn together (wrong sides facing) with horizontal stitching to create all the slots.

Fold the fabric above the front side pocket to create a channel for the hanger. I sewed first and then cut the hanger so I could slide it in and remove it later when necessary. (You can sew the hanger in to avoid cutting it.)

The embroidered numbers were purchased at a clearance sale for 10 cents each, the regular price is too expensive for a DIY project like this. You can use iron-on transfers or write the numbers with a permanent marker or fabric paint.

Right now it's 8.5" wide but 7"-ish would be better. The slots are 2" high and that doesn't need tweaking, unless I wanted to fit a size 17 slot at the bottom. If I did it over again I'd probably still leave off the 000 slot, because the 000 circular is easy to find in the 0 slot and I don't plan to buy more 000 circs.

My holder is hanging on the wall but you can hang it in a closet to hide the visual clutter.

My total cost: under $3.00 (jeans were free from mom, the numbers were on sale)



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